You will find our experienced instructors at IAE to be extremely knowledgeable in all fields of the esthetics industry and eager to guide students toward success. IAE students learn first-class curriculum and all aspects of the esthetics field including; laser hair removal, facial practices, massage therapy, manicure practices and many more spa services available in Edmonton. Since IAE is an ITEC accredited school, students have the opportunity to earn an internationally recognized ITEC Esthetics Diploma, making these students even more marketable upon completion. 

The esthetics program here at IAE is only six months in duration preparing our graduates to begin their careers quickly.  Our in depth program is taught in a stimulating environment where students receive six months of hands-on training with real clients.  During this time, students will also participate in clinical studies by conducting client treatments and observing the results over a 6 -week period.  This portion of our curriculum teaches the students how to properly obtain results and produces competent professionals. 

Our unparalleled learning environment, combined with our advanced curriculum and exceptional instructors allow students to cultivate their niche and step into a rewarding and fruitful career. For more information, give us a call today at 1.800.352.4383!


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