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Diversity in the Esthetics Industry! By Robin ~ Instructor @IAE

Career Paths in the Spa & Esthetics Industry

Career Diversity in the Esthetics Industry!

Hello! You must be here because you are thinking about a career in the Esthetics Industry!

Welcome, my name is Robin, and I am currently an Instructor at the International Academy of Esthetics in Sherwood Park, Alberta. I am also a part-time Laser Tech at the Sherwood Park Laser Clinic and a small business owner. You may think that sounds like a lot; you are not wrong! Over the past 20 years I have worked in a variety of roles within the Spa Industry and some outside of it. One of my greatest of life’s passions is all things Spa and I have always found my way back to this amazingly diverse, creative, and inspiring Industry.

Esthetician, Lead Esthetician, Makeup Program Coordinator, Bridal & Events Spa Liaison, Spa Operations Manager, Medical Spa Technician, Spa Director, Spa Manager, Sales Development Manager for Skincare Brand, Home Based Spa Owner/Operator, Esthetics Instructor, Laser Technician, Medical Aesthetician, Brand Trainer, Brand Development, Spa Consultant, Nail Technician, Lash Technician, Spa Owner, Brand Ambassador, Dermatology Assistant, Clinical Director, Medi Spa Director, Makeup Artist, Cosmetologist, Content Creator, Social Media Director, Brand Ambassador, International Trainer, Sales Coordinator, Administrator, Reception Coordinator, Retail Coordinator, Merchandising & Purchasing……. THE LIST CAN GO ON AND ON! Now, not all of these are my previous job titles but over half are. Not to toot my own horn but my experience is diverse, vast & valuable.

Within those job titles are experience in: Technical Skills in Nails, Makeup, Facials, Body Treatments, Massage, Hair Removal, Skin Rejuvenation, Aromatherapy, Organic skincare, Medical grade skincare, oncology esthetics, Mind/Body Wellness & much more, Marketing, Budgeting & Financials, Spa Layout & Design, Menu Design & Creatives, Business development, Analysis & Statistics, Human Resources, Team Leadership, Research & Development, Communication, Customer Service, Product knowledge & Training, working from home, travel while working, Tele-communications, Social Media, Product Sourcing, Continuing Education, Administration, Information Technology, Design skills & you guessed it much, much more! Chances are you already have an interest in one, some or many of these avenues? Awesome, combine your passion for what drives you with your interest in Beauty & Esthetics and the opportunities are literally ENDLESS!

The first certificate’s I obtained were an Esthetics Diploma, Makeup Artistry Certificate & Artificial Nails Certificate, that was in 2003, under an incredibly talented and serious Instructor name Evie Csorba, maybe you weren’t even born yet! Just for context, my most recent certificate earned was an ITEC Diploma in Laser & Light Therapy, that was just recently in 2021. ITEC is an Internationally recognized curriculum for Professionals in the Beauty Industry, with ITEC Certified Diplomas your certifications are recognized in 33 Countries around the world.

The theme here is that there is always an opportunity to learn more, to challenge yourself and to continually grow. Trends change, your interests will change, you may discover new passions along the way and your direction within the Spa/Beauty/Esthetics Industry can change.

To me that is part of the beauty in it.


Robin Tamboline

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I did a lot of research on which school to attend, after much thought I chose IAE. I absolutely made the right choice. I was very happy with my time there and was able to secure a job before I graduated. It's also nice to know that I have an internationally recognized diploma so that no matter where life takes me my education is valid.

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