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IAE chats with Industry Expert Sandra Alexcae Moren

IAE - Hi Sandra! Welcome to our blog! We are excited to be able to pick your brain for some insights into the Esthetic Industry! Why don't you start out by letting our readers know a little bit more about you!

Sandra - Sure! I have been in the Professional Beauty Industry for 40 plus years and have had the pleasure of a very diverse background. If you check my websites-www.kyronspaconsulting  and you will get a greater awareness  about me and my skills; for now just know as an author with Milady ( a publisher out of New York) my books Spa & Salon Alchemy- The Ultimate Guide to Spa & Salon Ownership and Spa & Salon Alchemy- Step by Step Spa Procedures have been read internationally. As a Cosmetology Educator with different School Boards in Canada and working as a Consultant and Spa Director in the Spa Industry I know what skill sets individuals need to be successful aestheticians; I also know how critical it is for students to attend the right educational institutions with educators who can engage and empower them- get them ready to build successful careers. My latest book The Evolving Workforce available on Amazon recognizes the changes in the workforce and how educators and educational institutions can embrace the new realities.

IAE - What do you see for the future of esthetics?

Sandra - I am very excited about the strong, historical and favourable industry growth patterns trending upwards which offer incredible career opportunities and possibilities for aestheticians. Everyone likes to “feel good” - “look good”; and hold their beauty which is the foundation of the aesthetic industry. The ageing population and higher female labour market participation rate greatly stimulates the growth and demand for aesthetic services.

IAE - What advice do you have for those starting out in the industry or considering the esthetics as a career?

Sandra - The most important decision you will ever make concerning your career as an aesthetician will be what school/educational institution you will attend. The question YOU have to figure out is- how do I make that decision? How highly respected is the educational institution /school within the industry and prospective employers. You want a ROI- a return on your investment-so you want top quality education and the ability to get that job! You also need to Know Yourself and have an excellent understanding of the requirements of how to be successful in the industry.  Be passionate about wanting to assist individuals who want to be and sustain their beauty, happiness, health, attractiveness and desirability to the opposite sex.

As a Cosmetology Educator, and someone who assists business owners in hiring staff, I will share my insights.  When I read the resumes and then decide who I will interview for a position as an aesthetician I will always consider which school /educational institution they have attended. This;  in my perception is the core for which skill-sets I know they have been taught and the learning philosophies provided which assist with their personal mastery and competency based learning of fundamental skills necessary to be “the best” and embrace the life- long learning considering the changes and growth of the industry.

IAE - What do you think is important for potential students to consider of when selecting a school for esthetics?

When selecting the school/education institution it is imperative to check out International Academy of Esthetics; they are incredible- “they rock the industry “- a great facility, sustainability (have been around a long time), internationally recognized with their ITEC Esthetics Diploma which gives you more marketability. Incredible updated curriculum, outstanding teachers, smaller class sizes; and more programs/courses to choose from which allows for more personalized learning which in turn offers very progressive and creative learning strategies and options.  Their Laser Technician Training is optimal- rather than being trained on a weekend by a company selling their product; you get the education on how to choose the different laser options available and keep abreast, which is a strong attribute of International Academy of Esthetics. The owners and educators are awesome and create a family business culture and you can ensure that if you step to the plate to learn- YOU will be engaged and empowered and enjoy a very lucrative and successful career. Live your passion and dare to dream!

IAE - Wow! Thanks so much Sandra! For more of Sandra's insights, check out her latest book available on Amazon here.

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